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Welcome to the office of David Elam PhD

139 Pine Shore Drive, #37

Carbondale IL  62902

At Lakeside Counseling, you will find the individual counseling that you or a loved one needs and deserves. Dr. Elam has been providing counseling for more than 35 years now and has helped thousands of patients with the process of bringing harmony and balance to their lives. The motto in our office is very clear and encouraging for patients: “The power to conquer stress. The confidence to enjoy life.” Dr. Elam’s therapy treatments can help you make that motto a reality.

His one-on-one counseling sessions on a regular basis help patients who are dealing with a number of psychological issues live better lives. As an anxiety management expert, specializing in the use of relaxation techniques, Dr. Elam has a soothing yet direct approach that aids in providing a personalized solution for patients dealing with issues from mild stress to severe panic disorders and everything in between.

There is absolutely no judgment to worry about at David Elam Ph.D. The doctor firmly believes that every single patient deserves compassionate respect no matter his or her age or station in life.

David Elam believes strongly in giving his patients the personalized attention they need to overcome their psychological problem no matter what it may be. For counseling, choose Dr. Elam. We’re here to help you find better balance in your life.